We are Ghana’s first Fintech Internet Service Provider

Revabit Limited is offering an affordable infrastructure plan and resource, ready to deploy and manage a broadband internet service in Ghana, We will create a wireless mesh network model between all registered communities using our technology. This unique network model was tested and is currently being used by communities in USA, Colombia and Nigeria with success. In addition to an affordable infrastructure for homes, a Fintech operating firmware will be customised on client’s routers which automatically transacts a pay per packet metered transfer of internet thus behaving just like the traditional enterprise inventory resource planning systems (eg. SAP). Using this technology, we will redistribute backbone internet directly to our clients at a cheaper rate compared to the incumbent main broadband provider (as of year 2019).


The landing of two submarine fibre optic cables in 2012 and 2013 helped to dramatically increase international bandwidth which served as a catalyst in generating significant activity in the broadband sector in Ghana. These SAT -3 /WASC, Main One and Glo-1 fibre-optic submarine cables provides connectivity to south Africa, Europe and Asia and there are now current talks to expand this to the whole of Africa.

As of 2017 the internet penetration rate was 28% which understates the 2005 National Telecommunication Policy from the Ghanaian government. From this policy, the government acknowledged that the foundation of an information society depends on all citizens having access to fast, affordable, internet connections. The policy encouraged the formation of Revabit Limited because it highlights the support of government for entities that have a viable proposal to drive digital development in Ghana

Our setup includes a customised home router and an antenna which will receive internet signal from the origin gateway antenna

Affordable Broadband Internet

Pay per Gigabit usage (No monthly charges)



Redefining the value of bits


Connecting homes to a faster and cheaper internet gateway


To distribute internet into communities that lack the infrastructure thereby helping solve the last mile problem facing internet consumption in Africa